Is it true that love happens only once?

Is it true that love happens only once?


My dream flight crashed before even taking off. I was so disappointed after knowing her views about me. I would have been okay if she had given a genuine reason.

It would not have hurt so much if she had given the reason that she was already engaged to some other guy. Sometimes, a lie is better than the hard-hitting truth.

There is a better way of expressing things even if we do not like someone. We can try to make the other person hurt a little less. It felt like someone had poked my heart with a needle. I began questioning myself. Was I so bad that I deserved being treated in that way?

My love towards her was genuine but unfortunately, she did not understand its value. I needed peace. My heart was like an ocean full of waves and I did not know how to calm it down. I could not hate her, even if I tried my best. I think that is the universal theory of love.

I tried to read books, but that did not help me. I tried to do yoga but failed to concentrate.
I had never felt such kind of pain and depression in my life before. I got upset on different occasions during my college days. However, at that time it only stayed for a few days. I could not find a way to come out of this web.
Finally, I applied leave for a week and reserved a bus ticket to my native place.

After Almost Six months, A new flower had unexpectedly sprouted in the garden of my life. I closely looked into her eyes and then stared at her hair, her nose and then my gaze shifted to her lips. My attraction towards her had grown multiple times since the first time I saw her.

At first, she was a normal girl but now I found her pretty in whatever she wore. I felt like I was getting closer to her with each passing day, but I still did not know what she thought of me. Subconsciously, I was comparing my first date.

For any relationship to work, it is important that the girl and the boy both should have an accepting nature. Otherwise, it doesn’t matter how much we try to impress the other person, we will always end up making a fool of ourselves.

I think, the pain afflicted by a girl can never be healed with alcohol or books, but only by another girl.
It is a wrong perception that true love happens only once in a lifetime. However, I agree that there is a difference between the first love and the second one.
I was crazy after my first love but I became a more mature person with my second love.

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