My Mute Girlfriend

My Mute Girlfriend

My Mute Girlfriend by Himanshu Rai is a one time read

I decided to go ahead with this book, because there was good number of reviews.

Rohan presently works in a Telecom company and he was surprised to receive the message from his college sweetheart Vaidehi.Then, story traverses to the past where had a crush with Navya.

Rohan, then joined the engineering college where he met Vaidehi. They both became friends and eventually love blossomed. One Fine day, Vaidehi stopped speaking with Rohan without any reasons. You need to read the book what exactly made her to stop speaking for 5 years?


Novel described the teenage emotions beautifully. Value of friendship also narrated well, even though exaggerated at some places. I liked how Rohan dedicated his studies to forget the love failure and humiliation.


Language is very poor. It really needed a good editor to fine tune it and structure it well. Also, the reason Vaidehi did not speak for five years was not convincing enough. Protagonist Rohan’s emotion with Navya and Vaidehi looked real. But, end it was very flat and looked like a cooked up Bollywood masala.

My rating- 2.5 /5

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