Have you sacrificed your love? How it feels?

Have you sacrificed your love? How it feels?

It was my last day in office.It was so difficult than I anticipated. We sat in the corridor and I tried my best to say goodbye on a happy note.

I said, “You can call me whenever you need me, and I will be there for you. Take care of yourself and be happy always.I am unlucky that I cannot have you in my life. I never got what I needed the most. Take care of your parents as you are the only one they have. It is the kindness of God that you have such loving and supporting parents. You are the best person I have ever known in my life.
I am sure that God has some better plans for you.”

She started crying and I did not say anything else. I wanted to see her happy face as my last memory of her.
She said, “I know that we will now be out of touch. Please inform me when something important happens in your life. Like your engagement, marriage, babies…”

Her emotions choked her and she stopped speaking. I kept looking at her and in that moment, I lost control and broke into tears.

She hugged me and said, “I am sorry for making you cry.” I quickly recovered and said, “I want you to say goodbye with a happy face.” With a heavy heart, I left.

The loss of a loved one is one of the most tragic and devastating things a person can endure. That was the first time in my life I cried so badly.

I could not stop thinking about her. I tried my best not to call her for some months! But I could not do it.

I picked my mobile and called her. She had the same hello-tune from the movie Jab We Met.

‘Tum se hi din hota hai, surmaiye shaam aati, tumse hi, tumse hi…har ghadi saans aati hai, zindagi kehlati hai, tumse hi, tumse hi’

The song brought back all the memories that I had created with her. Nostalgia filled me with all the lovely moments that we had spent together. Earlier I used to get irritated by the song because I had to listen to it each time I called her.

It was that day when I realized what I had lost. The more we get attached to something, the more painful is the loss. I wished there was some magic that would help me get over all my emotions. If we lose a valuable, there is still hope and can build an empire again but even after winning the world I would still not be able to recover from the loss.

After a couple of rings, she received the call, “Hello”
She said, “It is nice to hear your voice.”
“I am glad that everything is happening according to your plan.

“What do you mean?” “My parents bought a marriage proposal last week.
We will accept this proposal most probably.”

I felt a lot of different emotions on hearing this. I felt happy for her but at the same time,
I was going to be a ‘nobody’ to her. I felt a huge wall developed in between us.

She said, “So this is the end of our story then.” I was speechless and a future without her seemed like a difficult reality to accept.

She understood that I was weeping within and tried to console me. .

She said few more words before hanging up the call. “You are a nice person by heart, and only good things will happen to you.

My heart was heavy and I began feeling gloomy. I locked myself in my room and completely broke down into tears.

I wanted to vent out all the pain and other emotions inside me.

Unfortunately,I was the victim of the so-called system. I felt too distant from her but I had wonderful memories to cherish forever.

Sometimes, we do not know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.

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